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*All times and events subject to change without notice. Please check back often for updates*


Date Time Event Location
Fri, 7th 12PM Antique Quilt Entry General
Fri, 7th 7PM Pre Teen Fairest of Fair Pageant Main Stage

Sat, 8th 9AM Dairy Goat Show Livestock Barn
Sat,  8th 10AM Colt Show General
Sat,  8th 10AM Antique Quilt Show General
Sat,  8th 10AM Entries Entering General
Sat,  8th 12PM Saddle Club Fun/Games General
Sat,  8th 5PM Christ United Methodist Church Church
Sat,  8th 6PM Blue Grass Main Stage

Sun, 9th 1PM Antique Quilt Show General
Sun, 9th 1PM Gospel Music (Over 10 different groups) Main Stage

Mon, 10th 5:30PM Harmony Church of Christ Church
Mon, 10th 6PM Carnival Open General
Mon, 10th 6PM Cattle Shearing Demo Livestock Barn
Mon, 10th 7PM Warren Co Fairest of the Fair Main Stage
Mon, 10th 7PM Morrison Church of Christ Church
Mon, 10th 7PM J. Michaels Back Stage
Mon, 10th 8PM Lucy Haston Antique Shed

Tues, 11th All Day Senior Citizen's Day
Tues, 11th 8:30AM Sr Cetizens Beauty Show, Talent & Fun Festival Main Stage
Tues, 11th 4PM Youth Bike Rodeo General
Tues, 11th 5PM Youth Judging Livestock Barn
Tues, 11th 5:30PM Bybee Branch Youth Group Church
Tues, 11th 6PM Carnival Open General
Tues, 11th 6PM Dairy Cattle Show Livestock Barn
Tues, 11th 7PM Little Fairest of the Fair Main Stage
Tues, 11th 8PM Sleep Nation Antique Shed

Wed, 12th All Day Tiny Tot Day
Wed, 12th 3PM Baby Show Main Stage
Wed, 12th 4:30PM WCHS Main Stage
Wed, 12th 4:45PM Silver and Gold Band Main Stage
Wed, 12th 5:30PM Youth Judging Poultry Barn
Wed, 12th 6PM Carnival Open General
Wed, 12th 6:30PM Community Choir/Children's Time Main Stage
Wed, 12th 7PM Aaron Wilburn the Christian Comedian Main Stage
Wed, 12th 7PM Curved Vinyl Antique Shed
Wed, 12th 8:30PM Pastor Prayer Main Stage
Wed, 12th 9PM Rock Island Church of Christ Church

Thur, 13th 5PM The Honey Bones Antique Shed
Thur, 13th 5:30PM Midnight Flyer Main Stage
Thur, 13th 6PM Carnival Open General
Thur, 13th 6PM TN State Limousine Cattle Show Livestock Barn
Thur, 13th 7:30PM Joe Harvey Band Main Stage
Thur, 13th 8PM A Circle of Fifths Antique Shed

Fri, 14th All Day School Day
Fri, 14th 8:45AM School Day @ Softball Field General
Fri, 14th 10AM Carnival Open General
Fri, 14th 5PM Youth Judging Livestock Barn
Fri, 14th 5PM Dyeing to Live Antique Shed
Fri, 14th 5:30PM Award Winners Announcements Main Stage
Fri, 14th 6PM Christian Rap Back Stage
Fri, 14th 6PM Beef Show Livestock Barn
Fri, 14th 6:30PM Karaoke Contest Main Stage
Fri, 14th 8PM Key Stop Back Stage

Sat, 15th All Day Men's Day
Sat, 15th 8AM Dog Show in Main Arena General
Sat, 15th 10AM Sheep Show Livestock Barn
Sat, 15th 11AM Antique Tractor Pull General
Sat, 15th 11AM Mule Show in Main Arena General
Sat, 15th 12PM Carnival Open General
Sat, 15th 2PM Mini Tractor Pull Main Stage
Sat, 15th 4PM Crosscut Saw Competition Livestock Barn
Sat, 15th 5PM Karate Demo Main Stage
Sat, 15th 5PM Shannon Solo Back Stage
Sat, 15th 5PM Red Stone Antique Shed
Sat, 15th 6:30PM Walking Horse Show Main Stage
Sat, 15th 7PM Music Memories Back Stage

Sun, 16th 2PM Award Checks Available for Pickup Fair Office
Sun, 16th 2PM Removal of Entries General



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